About Us

The Bride

Portrait of Becky

Becky was born Rebecca Ann Bull and grew up in the small river town of Port Byron, Illinois (which she likes to say with a drawl). She is the third child of Jim and Margaret Bull, with an older brother, Jeff, and sister, Sue. Growing up extremely achievement orientated (thanks, mom and dad?) toward trophies and recognition, Becky was an athlete, a musician, a stage performer, a speech competitor, and a math and science geek. Her highest achievement, though, was earning the title of “Prom Queen” at her high school’s senior prom. (Just kidding—but really).

Becky has always been a bit of a performer, and she has found that she is most comfortable on a stage in front of large groups of people. After completing college with a business degree from Bradley University, she moved to Tennessee and spent a short time in direct sales (knocking on doors in Virginia and North Carolina—woo!), but her ultimate goal was to get back to school to complete her Ph.D. Throughout all of the team sports and competitions she had been involved in, Becky always wanted to know more about how different people were motivated to behave. So, at Purdue University she spent five years seeking that answer… and is still searching… but she did finally achieve that Ph.D!

Currently, Becky lives in Bloomington, Illinois and is teaching as a tenure-track faculty member at Illinois State University in the College of Business, teaching and researching within the areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. She has found a more permanent stage to perform on, and she is so happy to be living closer to family and to have found a job close to Aaron. Family and fun should come before work!

The Groom

Portrait of Aaron

Aaron was born Aaron Arthur Schaefer and grew up in the small town of Crawfordsville, Indiana. He is the third child of Robert and Christine Schaefer, with an older sister, Becky, and a twin brother, Brad. His childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. Oh, wait… that might have been someone else.

Moving on, Aaron was involved in many activities growing up and had an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Being very eclectic, he was involved in art, played tennis, programmed computers, was on student council, loved magic, did technical theater, and even worked making balloon animals for children’s groups.

After his freshman year in high school, Aaron’s family moved to Utah, following his father who had been commuting every week during the previous year! After a bit of initial culture-shock, Aaron settled in to his life in Utah, finishing high school then attending college at the University of Utah. Half-way through his junior year, Aaron had changed his major a couple of times, was no longer enjoying school, was frustrated with his job, and was having a terrible time with relationships… he decided that it was time for a change.

In December of 2002, Aaron’s sister was visiting the family in Utah and offered for Aaron to move back to Indiana with her. Three days later, his car was packed up with all of his belongings, he had quit his job, and they were on the road heading back to Indiana.

Aaron has been in West Lafayette ever since, working full time at Purdue University and finishing his degree. Finally finding his ideal major in Computer & Information technology, Aaron has been focusing his studies on network engineering and will done with his Bachelors in May of 2009. He is very much looking forward to moving to Bloomington/Normal so he can be with Becky and start another chapter in his life. It seems as though all the pieces are finally falling into place!

How They Met

Picture of Couple

Aaron had moved in with Becky’s friend, Sean, from the Ph.D program at Purdue. Becky and Aaron met at one of Sean’s house parties where Becky impressed Aaron with her skills at eating salad with a spaghetti noodle ladle and Aaron impressed Becky with his charm and sense of humor (awww). Not too much later, after accepting a friend request on the infamous Facebook, Aaron decided to criticize Becky’s taste in movies. Becky, being a huge movie-buff took offense to Aaron’s argument that “Finding Nemo” could not compare to “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”. But, she did admit that her strangely high rating of “White Chicks” was something to be ashamed of.

Aaron decided that they should have a night to watch and critique movies together, in order to truly decide who was in their right mind. Becky was not interested in dating anyone new at the moment, and was resistant to go out with her friend’s housemate. However, after a little deception on Sean’s part, Becky agreed to a Tuesday night movie-fest. Together they cooked some Jiffy Pop and opened a bottle of André champagne (a start to a brilliantly classy night!), and sat down to watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Empire Records”. By the way, if you have never seen either of these movies, it is time!

Anyway, they had both seen these movies several times before and began commenting on the set design and plot development. Then, all of a sudden, Aaron started asking Becky questions about what makes relationships work. Although Becky thought this was awkward conversation for a first date, it fit in with the movies they were watching and she answered frankly but completely. Aaron kept asking more deep relationship-oriented questions, and Becky kept answering them “correctly”.

To make a long story short, by the end of the evening, Becky was feeling all out of sorts as she was having an amazing, beautiful, and unexpected time. Experiencing feelings she never imagined, Becky ended up saying a brief goodbye and literally jogged right out of a kiss, and out of the house.

This date led to several more as their feelings for each other grew exponentially over a period of months. Of course, Becky is still convinced that Aaron started seeing her for her dog, Lucy :-). A little over seven months later, the two were engaged and the rest, as they say, is history!

The Proposal

It all started around Christmas of 2007, when Aaron discussed his plans to propose to Becky with his family. Aaron took his mother up on the offer to use a family diamond that had been given by his great, great uncle to his wife when they were married in the late 1800’s. The diamond had been passed down to Aaron’s grandmother, then to Aaron’s mother, and now on to him. All he had to do was find the perfect setting.

Aaron began his search by learning as much as he could about rings, diamonds, and what to expect. He talked with multiple jewlery store owners, perused their ring selections, and scoured the internet. Early on during his search, Aaron found what he thought would be the perfect ring. It was a simple platinum band with a beatifully-organic Trellis setting that wrapped around the diamond. He continued looking at all the rings he could find, but kept coming back to that same ring… it was the band.

Picture of Couple

Since the diamond for the ring was being removed from its previous setting by a local jewler in Utah, Aaron decided to talk with them about getting the diamond put into the new Trellis setting. He had a few ideas floating in his head for a special proposal, but needed the ring quickly since he wanted to propose before having a big get-together with Becky’s family for her father’s birthday. The jewlery store said, "No problem!"

The ring arrived shortly thereafter, and Aaron was ecstatic to open it up and take a look. Aaron’s heart sunk almost immediatedly after opening the box. It was a disaster! The ring was misshapen, looked melted, had numerous nicks in the metal, and the diamond was mounted crooked. Aaron had to ship the ring back to Utah, and wait for the manufacturer to make things right.

While all of this was going on, Becky and Aaron had already expressed to each other that they wanted to get married. These talks culminated on February 13th, when they were taken off guard by an abnormally-forward waitress at the restaurant where they were eating. After joking around with the couple, the waitress even offered to let them use her ring, and she would tell her insurance company it went missing! Aaron couldn’t take it anymore, and admitted to Becky that he had, in fact, already bought a ring. This would be the night they became officially engaged!

Even though the cat was already out of the bag, Aaron was insistent that he still wanted to surprise Becky with a romantic proposal. His first idea was to visit a local art museum that they had discussed going to, and set up a display with the ring inside, with a plaque stating "This is the ring that Aaron Schaefer gave to Becky Bull on this day __, when he asked her to marry him." Unfortunately, after talking with the museum director, Aaron visited the museum and found it to be dark, bare, and needing repair. After seeing the almost empty galleries with a bucket in the middle of one room to catch water from a leaky ceiling, he decided the location wasn’t right.

Idea number two involved renting out the local ice rink for just the two of them, having them play a custom mix cd, “falling” to one knee on the ice, and poping the question. Sounds nice, right? Well, the second ring had been made just in the nick of time, but unfortunately, it turned out just as bad as the first!

At this point, the family get-together for Becky’s father had come and gone. Becky and Aaron did, however, end up announcing their engagement to the family, sans the ring. The jeweler felt awful, and ended up having the third ring hand-made by a custom jewlery designer. Aaron wasn’t very successful in hiding his frustration with the ring situation, and thus Becky knew about most of the details even though Aaron meant to keep them a secret.

By the time the third ring was finished, the ice rink had already melted and was closed for the season. The day the ring was scheduled to arrive, Aaron took off of work to greet it personally, and… it was perfect!!! Aaron decided that he couldn’t wait any longer, and invited Becky out to dinner that night.

Becky was immediately suspicious, since Aaron didn’t get off of work for just anything. In the car ride to the restaurant, Aaron’s heart was beating outside of his chest, and he could barely talk. It was a rainy night and they parked about a block from the restaurant. Rather than torture himself throughout the entire dinner by trying to keep the excitement inside, Aaron decided to ask Becky the question right then and there in the car. It was not nearly as romantic as his previous proposal plans, but the end result was the same… Aaron became the happiest man in the world when she said YES!!!

Picture of Ring